Thursday, May 3, 2007

Animal Franchise

They laughed at me when I told them I was going to be a Wildlife Management Pro!

They not only laughed, the last day on the job they brought in some “going away presents”. They outfitted me with a set of toy cap pistols and holsters along with a cowboy hat and a sign that said “Round em up, Cowboy!”

I was the butt of the jokes at the office. They all thought I was nuts! I was leaving a nice paying job with great benefits and lots of growth opportunities. They all thought I was going to fall flat on my face and come running back to work.

I am not one to want to prove someone wrong, but my future and meteoric growth was sure going to do that for me!

It was not fun being laughed at and it did hurt my “man pride” a little. But I had confidence and believed I was going to be successful some day. The ordinary road in life was not the road I wanted to go down.

There was a new future that awaited me and I was going it alone. It seemed a bit scary at first, but I knew that this was my destiny. Ever since I was a boy, wildlife had been my passion in life and it was going to take me to places I had never been before. Some places were a bit “over the edge”, but I was not going to let fear paralyze me, I was going to let faith mobilize me!

After several successful attempts of growing the business, I finally found the magic that made the business sing. It was not only singing, but it started pouring in the money. A tweak here and a tweak there and pretty soon I had an amazing system of doing business.

I left my competitors sitting in the dust in a very short period of time. Here was a guy (me) who had no college degree, no formal marketing or sales training and one big chip on his shoulder. The chip? The chip was that I was going to make this happen even if I fell down many times. I was always going to get up!

Laugh at me all you want, it wasn’t going to stop me. And it didn’t. Many people thought of my job as something funny. Well if I would have showed them my bank statement, they would not find anything funny about that. Maybe what would have been funny was that I was making more money than they were!

It wasn’t only about the money; it was about the fun. Having fun and making money is incredible! I honestly didn’t think that was possible. After all of the jobs I worked at in my life, I thought that was far from possible! I didn’t have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck anymore.

Working in the wildlife business opened so many doors for me and created opportunities that I never knew existed. By creating the systems and strategies to make the business successful, it allowed the money to be generated that would allow me to have a new life. A life with money and time! I didn’t have to be a slave to a business. I had a money making machine that I simply managed.

It was some work getting it going, but once I was running and operational, it was smooth sailing most of the time. Our system takes a LOT of the work out of it now!

What an amazing thing to build and watch grow. The odds were stacked up against me big time but I rose above all of that and created an awesome company.

Maybe you have always wanted to work with wildlife but could not find the right opportunity. It was never the right time or you didn’t have the money to start your own business, but now the time is right and you are ready to begin the journey of a lifetime!

There is no better time to start something than right now. You could wait for everything to be just right, but nothing in life will ever be exactly right. The time is now and you take one step to guide you in the right direction. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

A Wildlife Expert at A All Animal Control will guide you through your training and equip, coach and support you while you build the business of your dreams. This is the opportunity you have waited a lifetime for. Reach out and grab hold of your dreams and let us turn them into a reality for you.

Start your journey by filling out a simple form and I will send you a Franchise Information Form to see if your area is available and verify that you are qualified to join our team. You cannot buy your way into our system. You must be qualified and invited to join.

Your journey lies ahead and is as easy as the click of the mouse. Click here to start your journey of a lifetime.

P.S. Let them laugh at you all the way to the bank!

Mark E. Dotson, Founder and CEO

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