Friday, August 24, 2007

Is An Animal Damage Control Business Right For You?

Let’s give you a little test shall we?

Can you climb a ladder?

Can you work in attics and crawlspaces?

Can you work with wildlife comfortably?

If you answered those questions with a yes, this career just might be what you are looking for!
Of course there is much more to it than those questions alluded to. But with any career, there is always more than what the classified ad says it is.

A very good sense of organization is one of the most important parts of this career. With many clients to service and things to remember, it is vital to your success that you be very organized. Of course there are many tools out there to help you stay organized such as day planners, computers and software. I suggest using them all!

Generally if you are in reasonably good health, are comfortable working on roofs and in attics and have good organizational skills, you will do fine. To really shine one must also be able to work with people. Wildlife is only part of our job. By knowing how to work with people and understanding their needs, a wildlife professional will be a more rounded individual.

Some other things to consider is training. A good training program is important to give you the knowledge and skills to properly do the work. There are very few schools in the country that can provide training and a supportive environment that will help you achieve your goals. Be wary of the “There will be 50,000 new wildlife jobs created in the next 5 years” sales pitch that they might try on you.

This number of new jobs from people supposedly retiring usually does not come to fruition especially in a downturn economy.

So before you jump out on your own, ask yourself some questions to see if you are ready to become an Animal Damage Control Professional.

Can You Make Money In A Wildlife Franchise?

Will people actually pay you to take a nuisance wildlife pest away? Will they separate themselves from their hard earned money to make their home safe again from unwanted wildlife?

The short answer is YES!

Wildlife management is becoming a very important service in America today. Just look around you. Do you notice the forests and field disappearing and the houses popping up like mushrooms? If it hasn’t happened in your area, it will soon enough.

With all of this constant building, something has to give. It does. It gives in the form of the skunk burrowing under your porch or the raccoon taking up residence in your chimney. The woodpecker is now beating on your cedar siding where once stood a secluded hardwood forest.
Wildlife jobs have never been more important.

With pollution and habitat destruction on the rise with increased human populations, wildlife managers and animal control jobs are in demand as never before.

A wildlife management professional is the one who is called upon to resolve the human/wildlife conflicts when they arise. Sometimes when people and wildlife bump into one another, there is not so good of an outcome! How many snakes have come to an untimely demise when they meet the homeowner with a shovel?

A professional will deal with this type of situation with an approach that is often in the best interest of the homeowner and the animal. With the use of sophisticated tools and technology, today’s wildlife pro will properly and quickly control even the toughest wildlife problems.
By using the right approach and system, one can make a living working with wildlife.

The wildlife field is one of the most fascinating fields you could ever imagine. It is not like working with people every day. Wildlife doesn’t give you any grief. It doesn’t talk back to you or talk behind your back like much of the corporate world. You have to work with wildlife on its terms occasionally, but with the proper training and techniques you will be able to have the wildlife come to your terms.

To view a short video of this field in action, see our video on You Tube

Monday, August 13, 2007

Wildlife Franchise, Franchise Services Wildlife or Franchise Opportunity Wildlife

Hi, I am Mark E. Dotson founder and CEO of A All Animal Control. We opened our first office in 1995.

After running this business for a few years I realized that I could be helping people make their dreams come true working with wildlife and be handsomely compensated while doing it!

Our country's growth and expansion into urban and suburban areas has created a booming opportunity for us as wildlife managers. Our profession primarily resolves those human/wildlife conflicts through a variety of means.

A lot of what we do is the result of using our training, system and knowledge to perform a complete solution for our clients. Once the source of the conflict has been resolved, we provide light maintenance solutions for the home or building owner to prevent future occurrences.

Our work is fascinating. People often stop us and ask what we do. They are always curious about the projects we are doing or the animals we are working with. People love wildlife and so do we! It is our passion, and to be living your passion is something that is indescribable. We provide a very valuable service to the community and are well respected by those we serve.

When you see the look in your client's eyes after you have resolved a problem that was affecting the quality of their life, you'll understand what I mean.

You too can enjoy providing this service. We have people from all walks of life as franchise owners. Experience is not necessary; we will train you in all aspects of this industry.
They say the road to true wealth is by owning your own business and doing what you love. I would have to agree with that statement whole-heartedly!

There is no greater sense of accomplishment in a career than loving what one does.

If you are currently seeking a Wildlife Franchise, Franchise Services Wildlife or Franchise Opportunity Wildlife, then an exciting career in Wildlife Management could be closer than you think!

Wildlife jobs, Game Warden jobs and Wildlife Biologist jobs are a few of the positions in a wildlife career. Wildlife investigation management technique is also a newer career in wildlife biology. Wildlife ecology and management are other specialized areas that attract qualified people in a wildlife management career.

A career in wildlife can be achieved with a fascinating wildlife technician job. Jobs in the wildlife management field are precious and few and one must quickly act to achieve a career in wildlife management. Animal control jobs and wildlife jobs are no exception.

What does it take to become a Nuisance Wildlife Professional?

It takes someone who has a desire to learn. Someone who possesses discipline, integrity, honesty, some knowledge of wildlife and a general knowledge of home repair. We are not looking for a person who has in depth experience in rebuilding houses, simply the skills to do small repairs. We can teach you the rest!

We attribute our success to the biblical principles on which our business is based. "The biblical laws of honesty, service, unity, reciprocity and responsibility have guided us as we've made those decisions on which our company was built."

A All Animal Control is an organization built on a rock solid foundation of values. The A All Animal Control franchise family attracts solid and talented people, many of faith, who are passionate in their concern for the welfare of other people and wildlife.

If you are serious about pointing your life in a new direction, contact me via e-mail or phone for a confidential interview. We will forward a candidate profile to you to help us determine if you are qualified to join our team of professionals.

Visit WildlifeFranchise for more information.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wildlife Franchise - Animal Damage Control Business

Attention, Men and Women Who Love Wildlife!

Have you always wanted to work with wildlife? Are you tired of working for someone else in a dead end job? Do you want to make your own decisions and control your own destiny for a change? How about money…..? Are you making enough or just getting by?

Would you like the opportunity to own your own business that is directly involved with wildlife? This is not a job. It is an opportunity to do something great and become part of the self-employed and enjoy the benefits that go along with it. For example, how would you like to take a vacation when you want to? Work your own schedule instead of someone else’s? Do you want more time and money to spend with family and friends?

A business should not be something that consumes every waking moment of your life. A business should be able to give you more Life, more Freedom and the ability to make your own decisions and control your own destiny.

In today’s fast paced growth of the Nuisance Wildlife Management industry, a lot of people are buying a few cages and jumping into this field only to find one big surprise. There is a lot more to running a business than setting a couple cages and removing a squirrel or two!

You have to be ready to compete with some very good companies in our industry. In today’s marketplace you need an edge.

That is where we come in. A All Animal Control has that edge. We know how to get you started and make you stand out above the rest.

With our system and expertise, you will be able to jumpstart your business and be miles ahead of the competition.
Do you want to join a winning Team? Do you want to get rid of that nagging boss and the co-workers that have been less than “loyal”? Are you tired of the rat race?

Are you a motivated, energetic and sharp individual? Do you have a dependable pick up truck that will get you from client to client?

If you are ready to make that first step to a new way of life, a better way of life, call, write or fax our office today!

The choice is yours. Just how long do you want to work for “the company” and get the same paycheck week after week and “hopefully” the company won’t be out of business or acquired by someone else by the time you retire?

If you are currently in the Nuisance Wildlife Management business, we have a special program for you. We want you to join our team and let us help you reach your full potential! This program waives the fees you would normally pay and gives you full access to our system that will help grow your business!
To learn more about this opportunity, visit our website at

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

How To Start A Nuisance Animal Control Business

Just how does one start such a business? There are lots of ways to start a business, but starting this one off on the wrong foot is going to cost you!

A nuisance animal or nuisance wildlife control business is a career that is right for some people and definitely not right for others.

Let’s start out with the job description:

Nuisance Wildlife Control Professional – Resolves nuisance wildlife complaints and prevents future ones. That is the job description in a nutshell albeit a bit oversimplified.
This description does not tell you that you will be climbing ladders, going into attics and crawlspaces and be challenged with wildlife on a daily basis. It goes with the territory.

What about education?

Most people who consider entering this career field have some knowledge of wildlife. They might come from a hunting, trapping or fishing background. This is a helpful because any wildlife knowledge is helpful to the trade.

A college education or a self study program is a leg up on the rest of your competitors.
Education is a great thing and the more you have of it, the better your chances of success will be.
There are very few schools that teach you how to become a Nuisance Wildlife Control Professional. The schools that do exist normally only have a short course and no ongoing support program to ensure your success.

So where does that leave most people? Going it alone. They have to be the pioneer and figure out each step along the way. Make one miss-step and get ready to shell out your hard earned cash to fix that mistake.

Now, back to starting your business.

You must of course obtain business licenses and insurances. If you are going to run this business out of your home, you may need additional homeowners insurance to protect you in the event something happens to your home like a flood or fire.

You will also need training and equipment. Training is important as this is not a business where you can fly by the seat of your pants. Remember that miss-step I was talking about earlier? This is where it will bite you good.

Everyone needs to advertise market and sell their services. With so many marketing messages thrown at consumers each and every second of the day, you have to stay on top of things here. Unfortunately for most new businesses, they are so busy opening their business that they do not spend enough time on this very important part of their start up. Another miss-step.

Nobody ever said it was going to be easy running your own business. It is a challenge, but a challenge that can be a lot of fun if done properly.

If it is your heart’s desire to make it happen, you will do it. With the proper vision, plan, equipment, training and system, you will forge ahead and break new grounds. Without these things in place, it is a recipe for a rough road ahead!

Ready to explore a different option than going it alone? Visit