Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Wildlife Career You Can Bank On!

That might seem like a bold statement, but if you are doing what we do for a living, you wouldn’t think so!

If you have researched the many different career paths of wildlife professionals, you are finding out that there are hiring freezes, projects put on hold and just about every other roadblock to achieving your dream of working with wildlife.

Forget those roadblocks. Do you want to go down another path to one that is less traveled? I thought you might. There is no sense going down the same path and hearing the same answers.

Our company, A All Animal Control, works with wildlife across the entire United States and serves thousands of clients each year. Our services range from removing a family of squirrels from an attic to providing preventive repairs to keep out future invaders. Sprinkle in the Pigeon that found its way inside a department store or the Rattlesnake that slipped into the garage of a homeowner and it makes for an interesting day at work!

Wildlife Pest Control is one of the most fascinating career choices available. It has spawned shows like “The Verminators” and gives the general public a taste of what wildlife can do when they invade a home. Now you have to remember that shows like these are intentionally made to be dramatic and this is not what your average wildlife control professional does!

If you find yourself on the outside looking in and want to work with wildlife, there is no better time than the present. Stop listening to all the no’s and come and you will find a yes.

A All Animal Control has franchise opportunities across the country and around the world. Visit their website to learn more about this fascinating career.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A All Animal Control Corporate Charleston Office Moves to New Location

Spring brings growth and renewal to more than plants and animals; A All Animal Control's Charleston Corporate office has moved to a larger, more convenient location. This new space will allow A All Animal Control to support both clients and A All Animal Control franchise owners in new unique ways.
"Our new location give us a larger space for professional training, giving ample space for intimate seminars and the capabilities to grow our franchise support staff.", states A All Animal Control CEO Mark E. Dotson. "This new locality has sited us closer to hotels, restaurants and field training locations, positioning us in a geographically opportune situate for conferences and supplier demonstrations. We will be able to educate and connect with A All Animal Control Technicians as a whole and on a one on one basis."
The new office is located at 108 Roxalana Park Drive in Dunbar, WV 25064. The Charleston office will house A All Animal Control services such as enrollment opportunity support, franchise support, marketing, library and training demonstration materials. Field training areas locally sited will allow for continuing safety and field training for both current and prospective technicians.
More information about A All Animal Control Corporate Charleston office can be found by visiting www.aallanimalcontrol.com, by emailing marketing@aallanimalcontrol.com or by calling (304) 345-1511.