Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Veterans Franchise

Veterans franchise possibilities exist for many of our military members who have so bravely served their country in troubled times and in times of peace.

Our Veterans should be honored by providing them with the best opportunities for jobs and business opportunities. After all, it is our Veterans that tow the line and carry the heavy load for all Americans!

We do not honor them by turning our backs on them in the times that they need it most.

Veterans, do you miss that excitement and thrill you had while in the military? Not the pushups or the never ending shoe shining and uniform ironing kind of thrill, but the real thrill of being on a mission or simply getting another plane in the sky on a routine day.

Don’t want to re-join the military or work for one of those “military contractors” who send you to who knows where? How about staying right here in the good ole USA?

Ever miss being on a “Recon Mission” and the possibility of what lies ahead? Missing the constant adrenaline rush and time feeling like it is going a million miles an hour?

I can tell you that I certainly missed it and sought to find something to do for a living that would fulfill that need for adventure and excitement. The military life can have some extremely exciting times and for me, it was one of the most exciting times of my life! There is nothing like running to the bomb shelter from an incoming Scud missile! Scary…but exciting at the same time.

But after you get out of the service, you are not faced with a lot of opportunity to enjoy your work and have a little excitement in what you do. There are many ho-hum jobs out there and don’t get me wrong, they are absolutely necessary, but they are about as much fun as an enemy interrogation.

You didn’t serve your country to end up with a dull job that makes you feel like you are contributing nothing to society. And you expected more out of life after all you did for this country.

Military Veterans know a little about “wildlife”. But that is not the type of “wildlife” that we work with every day. There is an exciting career opportunity working with wildlife that you probably don’t know about.

Have you ever heard of Nuisance Wildlife Management? My guess would be that you probably haven’t. Nuisance Wildlife Management is a relatively new career that resolves conflicts between humans and wildlife. We literally put nature back where it belongs!

Excitement? Have you ever climbed into an attic that is filled with hundreds of bats and marveled at how they can live and thrive there? How about standing on a 150 foot water tower installing bird repellant devices while looking at the beauty that surrounds you? Ever want to snipe deer in an urban environment with your night scope? Working with wildlife is very much like a military mission. We do our “Recon” and then move in and accomplish our mission, plan our exit strategy and then get out.

How would you like to relive all those feelings and not have someone shooting at you or having a missile fly over your head?

It is possible with the right opportunity. An opportunity that awaits for the not so faint of heart. If you think you have what it takes to work with wildlife, visit our Wildlife Franchise to learn more about

a Veterans franchise.