Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Uncertain Economic Times Ahead - How About a Career Change?

Doom and gloom. No matter how the media spins the story today, it always appears that we will all be standing in the bread line by week’s end.

Bad news sells and sells well. But the reality of the situation is that we are in a tough economy and people are getting laid off and downsized. We all could wait until the economy returns to normal and things get perking again, but waiting is not going to help you put money back in your bank account.

When it comes to the point where you must change your career, you must change it to a field that is growing instead of shrinking. The writing is on the wall for the financial industry and the housing industry is in rough shape as well.

There is an industry that’s growing and is a perfect fit for people who like to work with wildlife. The Nuisance Wildlife Management industry is steadily on the move. What is creating this growth? Human growth!

As human growth continues to rise and encroach into what was formerly wildlife habitat, something has to give. What happens is that wildlife typically finds residence in a home or commercial business and when that happens, something has to go!

Nuisance Wildlife Managers find themselves busily fixing the situations that nature finds itself in. When wildlife ventures into human habitat, the two often do not mix well. The sight of a mother Raccoon with four or five babies trailing behind her seeking out the dog food bowl in the back yard is not exactly what some people would call a “wonderful thing”.

Some people have more tolerance for wildlife than others. These people could have an elephant living in their attic and it wouldn’t bother them! Others cannot stand the sight of a house mouse sneaking about the house.

With the growth of our nation, the human/wildlife conflicts will continue to rise. This rise in conflicts will translate into a field that continues to grow and prosper.

With such a large country and variety of wildlife, Wildlife Managers will encounter many different and often times very unique moments! Not many people get the opportunity to see a family of foxes being raised under a deck and provide a solution to remove them to a new location. For a professional Wildlife Manager, this is all in a day’s work.

Working with wildlife in a wildlife management job is an extremely thrilling lifestyle. It really is a lifestyle and not merely a “job”. A job is something you go to every day and would rather be doing something that you love to do. Trading your day job for a wildlife job is not as difficult as you would think. If you are self-motivated, have no fear of wildlife and are of the adventurous mindset, this could be the most unique opportunity you have ever found.

Who should not work with wildlife? If you are afraid of heights, lose your cool easily and do not like confined spaces like an attic or crawlspace, you may not be the best candidate for wildlife control. Do some serious thinking about whether this career will fit you before you decide to jump in. To learn more about this opportunity, visit A All Animal Control.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Help Us Grow Our Wildlife Franchise And You Will Be Rewarded!

Do you have a product or service that would help our Wildlife Management Franchise system grow, service our clients better or run more efficiently?

If you do, please contact us and tell us more about how you can help. We are seeking vendors that provide wildlife management equipment such as traps, electronics, capture devices and other hardware.

A All Animal Control is known for working with the best vendors in the country and consistently seek out new products and services. We welcome your inquiries and will speak with you about how you can help and how we will help you grow your business as well!

Send an email to Opportunities and we will respond as soon as possible!