Friday, August 24, 2007

Is An Animal Damage Control Business Right For You?

Let’s give you a little test shall we?

Can you climb a ladder?

Can you work in attics and crawlspaces?

Can you work with wildlife comfortably?

If you answered those questions with a yes, this career just might be what you are looking for!
Of course there is much more to it than those questions alluded to. But with any career, there is always more than what the classified ad says it is.

A very good sense of organization is one of the most important parts of this career. With many clients to service and things to remember, it is vital to your success that you be very organized. Of course there are many tools out there to help you stay organized such as day planners, computers and software. I suggest using them all!

Generally if you are in reasonably good health, are comfortable working on roofs and in attics and have good organizational skills, you will do fine. To really shine one must also be able to work with people. Wildlife is only part of our job. By knowing how to work with people and understanding their needs, a wildlife professional will be a more rounded individual.

Some other things to consider is training. A good training program is important to give you the knowledge and skills to properly do the work. There are very few schools in the country that can provide training and a supportive environment that will help you achieve your goals. Be wary of the “There will be 50,000 new wildlife jobs created in the next 5 years” sales pitch that they might try on you.

This number of new jobs from people supposedly retiring usually does not come to fruition especially in a downturn economy.

So before you jump out on your own, ask yourself some questions to see if you are ready to become an Animal Damage Control Professional.

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