Sunday, December 27, 2009

Veteran Franchise Opportunities

18 years ago I was getting out of the Air Force and living overseas. I had no job prospects and didn’t know which way to turn. The folks on base were not much help and my aircraft maintenance skills were not going to help much without a license.

Needless to say, I was a little scared about going back to the United States and having to start all over again. No place to live, no job…no luck! Fortunately I had some money saved up by selling my leave and for the time I spent in Desert Storm fighting the war. So, it was time to face my fears and go out and make something happen.

I ended up going the normal route of seeking a job and after weeks of searching found a low paying sales job. Spending about a year in this job let me know that there has to be something better out there!

A franchise was something that I never really knew much about. A little investigation into the subject led me to find out that this was a proven business model that is then duplicated across the country. It sounded pretty simple to me! One could either create a business and then franchise it or join an existing franchise system. The difference between the two is huge. Starting your own business and then perfecting the business model takes time and a lot of money for trial and error. Then you will have to franchise the business and create a FDD or Federal Disclosure Document. This documents starts out at about $10,000 to have an attorney draw up for you.

So, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, consider the franchise opportunities that are currently available to you. There are many different types of franchises that range from your sub sandwich shop to a lawn care service. If you think you will be satisfied making sandwiches all day and teaching people to do that same, this could be a great fit for you. If you are the outdoors type, staring out those windows all day will drive you mad.

If working in the outdoors is more your style, consider the many outdoor franchises available. There are many different options to suit all personality type. There are Christmas light franchises, Pest Control and Weed Treatment franchises and everything in between. Which one is right for you? That depends on your personality and what you feel you can put your heart into. If you are checking out a franchise and you don’t think you can put your heart into it, don’t do it! It will be a disappointment for you and the franchisor.

There are several franchise companies that are considered Military Friendly Franchises. Consider these first as they will offer significant discounts to you. Requirements are generally that you are an honorably Discharged Veteran.

So what would I do if I was fresh out of the military and know what I know now? I would consider whether I was a Chief or an Indian. If I was a Chief and wanted to run a business, I would consider buying a franchise. If I were an Indian, I would consider working for someone in their franchised business or other entity. It sure would have made my search for the career that I wanted much easier if I knew what options were available at the time.

Veteran Franchise Opportunities can be exactly what you need to help you smoothly transition from the military to civilian life.

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