Monday, July 30, 2007

Ever thought you could get paid working with wildlife?

I know I never thought I could until I found a career that would not only pay, but pay well.
There are opportunities in the wildlife field such as being a game warden or wildlife rehabilitator. Both of these are unique jobs and both have advantages and disadvantages.
The advantages of these jobs are that you work with wildlife on a daily basis and enjoy your work. The disadvantage is that these jobs are hard to come by and often have a low starting salary.
To find a game warden job one often has to wait for someone to retire in the department and then compete against 600 applicants to get that job. If you really want it bad enough, you can probably get one of those jobs.

There are other opportunities for people who don’t want to wait and be able to call their own shots.
Have you ever heard of a Wildlife Franchise Opportunity? My guess is that you probably have not. This is an exciting new career field that is growing at a steady rate each year.
People who work in a Wildlife Franchise help resolve wildlife conflicts in homes and businesses. Wildlife Professionals are the first line of defense when a wildlife problem arises and are a much needed service in many parts of the country.

With the United States population on the rise, our wildlife is being forced into smaller and smaller habitats. Often the wildlife will be forced to reside in a neighborhood and transition to living in an urban environment. This new habitat is complete with a food supply such as bird seed, dog and cat food and homeowner gardens. Food, water and shelter…what more could you ask for!

The human/wildlife conflicts are only going to be worsening in the future and Wildlife Professionals will be in more demand than ever before. Do you want to “Take a walk on the Wild side?”

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