Monday, July 30, 2007

What is an Animal Franchise?

When many people think of an Animal Franchise, it is often a pet related concept that comes to mind.

Indeed there are many of these in existence today, but few know about a relatively new concept in franchising called Nuisance Wildlife Management.

Nuisance Wildlife Management is built around the concept of an Animal Franchise but with a different mission in mind. An Animal Franchise normally focuses on working with domestic animals while a Nuisance Wildlife or Wildlife Pest Control franchise works primarily with..You guessed it..Wildlife!

So, both of these franchises work with animals right? So what is the big difference?
The difference is that the Nuisance Wildlife Management franchise is working to resolve human/wildlife conflicts.

Let’s say that you were experiencing a raccoon getting into your trash cans every night. A professional Nuisance Wildlife Manager is who you would call to help remedy this situation. The professional would suggest ways to keep the raccoon from entering the garbage can or may opt for a different approach and remove the raccoon from the area.

A pet related franchise could consist of an animal feeding concept such as a bird food store or a pet supply store. These concepts are quite popular and have been around for a long time. They have filled a niche which has exploded in recent years with the popularity of feeding wildlife and taking care of pets.

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